Why The Time Is Right For Gold Investing

Everyday you hear on the news and read in the press about the current economic crisis. Experts say quite frankly that this is only the tip of the iceberg and only the beginning. They even proclaim that soon we will have a bankruptcy epidemic on our hands.

Ferdinand Lips, a world-renowned, well established and respected authority in the gold market, writes that, ”We are at the beginning of a historical development. We are witnessing world history. We are experiencing financial history as no generation before has experienced. We are on the cusp of a historic shift from paper currency to material property such as gold. This shift will alter the financial world.”

Dr. Martin Weiss, editor-in-chief of the publication “Safe Money,” writes in his latest Special Report that, “it is absolutely imperative that investors protect their assets!” The worst destruction of private property that we have ever seen – the biggest banking crisis in 72 years – has already begun.

Secure your future with the safest currency in the world, backed by physical gold bars.

“Whoever has gold sets the rules.”

Gold is the only currency upon which no debt is bound and thus it guarantees independence. Gold’s long-term purchasing power is statistically proven. Gold is a liquid asset. Gold is a protection against inflation. Gold may be transported, unlike certain other goods. It is available in various sizes and weights and can be exchanged virtually anywhere in the world for cash, goods, or services.

Secure your future by investing in gold!

Realize what are the benefits of a Gold Investment Contract:

I. Gold is a secure asset. Conversely, there are no promises with paper. And, forget about bonds, especially today when companies are filing bankruptcies everyday and are unable to honor debt obligations. With a Gold Investment Contract, you will receive the insured physical bars immediately after the transfer of your monthly contribution. You will receive physical gold that you can hold in your hands. It has material value and can be replaced or exchanged.

II. Gold increases in value over time. In 1912, the cost of one ounce of gold was $20. Today, in 2009, that same ounce of gold is worth about $900! Meanwhile, the dollar is actually decreasing in value.

III. Gold is an inflation-protected investment. Gold is the anchor against inflation and financial crises. Gold protects you against currency reforms, as its value remains constant during such reforms.

IV. Gold is a very profitable investment. In April of 1999, gold was trading at $300 per ounce. In April of 2009, that same ounce of gold was worth $900!

V. Gold is an anonymous asset. Nobody knows how much gold is in your possession.

VI. Investment gold is free of sales tax. Gold in ingot or wafer form, with a purity of at least 995/1000 is exempt from sales tax on orders of $500 or more (in Florida).

VII. You can have your own gold deposit with your Gold Bar Investment. For example you might make small monthly contributions in order to build your own gold depot. Each month the number of your own gold bars will increase, thereby making you richer and more independent!

VIII. Investing in gold has been, and will continue to be, one of the best investments due to its natural scarcity. As such, its position in the coming years will continue to improve.

In recent months, many people have equated an investment with a promise on paper. But, billions of dollars have simply disappeared. Customers have based their faith in banks on the promise of payment. But, banks have lost their money, your money.

A State can go broke, too, particularly if it has considerable debt. It is just as fruitless to point the blame at a country as it is to condemn the banks. If the money isn’t there, the effect is the same. Unfortunately, you can not hide under the responsibility of the State.

Remember, even our money is a promise on paper.

You alone are responsible for your present and your future and for the consequences of your decisions.

Think about your future. Invest in gold. And, ensure that your retirement is protected as well.